Activity in Cultural Politics

The Tanzzentrale continues to be active in strengthening the position of the independent dance scene and in improving the working conditions of dance artists in the Nuremberg region. To this end the Tanzzentrale is not only in regular dialogue with  representatives from cultural politics in Nuremberg and Fürth, but also with other professional associations representing the performing arts.

Above all we recognise that financial structures must be changed for improvement: the financial support for the independent dance and theatre scene in Nuremberg must be substantially increased, so that more projects can be funded, so that adequate fees and wages can be paid, and so that necessary jobs (in administration and organisation) can be created and funded. An increase in funding leads to a lessening of financial burden on individuals and to the development of creative potential within the scene. It is also urgently necessary that a more differentiated funding programme is created. In addition to the presently available one-year-funding programme, other programmes must be made available, wihich, with their individual focus, improve conditions and creative freedom for artists and subsequently effect the openness and  diversity of the potential audience. For example, there could be programmes for emerging artists, guarantee funding over several years for larger projects (guaranteeing longer-term security for artistic work) and research grants.

The  regional dance scene possesses an enormous potential: the Tanzzentrale exists as a voice to aid its development and lobby for its consolidation.

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