Susanna Curtis

1st Chairperson

Susanna Curtis is a founding member of the Tanzzentrale and has held the position of chairperson since 2006. She is a freelance dance-maker, choreographer, and performer and has been presenting her own dance and dance-theatre productions with her company Curtis & Co. – dance affairs, in the Nuremberg Region since 1997, and since 2010 in co-production with Tafelhalle Nuremberg. After her language degree at Oxford University and her dance training at the Rotterdam Dansacademie (now Codarts), she worked as a dancer in Germany at B.W.Gung Tanzkompanie Ulm, Stadttheater Regensburg, Czurda Tanztheater and Theater der Klänge, Düsseldorf. As a choreographer she has worked for Stadttheater Gießen, Stadttheater Regensburg, Stadttheater Trier and Junges Theater Bremen. Since 2005 she has worked for KlinikClowns Bayern e.V. In 2014 she won the Prize for Culture  of the City of Nuremberg, in 2015 was awarded Artist of the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg and in 2020 the Wolfram-von-Eschenbach Cultural Development Prize of Middle Franconia. She regards the Tanzzentrale as her second home and believes passionately that it is an important organ to support the regional dance scene, as a meeting place which offers the ambience for creative work and which engenders exchange, training possibilities and dialogue.


Alexandra Rauh

2nd Chairperson

Alexandra Rauh is a founder member of the Tanzzentrale and became 2nd Chairperson in 2020. She is an independent choreographer and dance facilitator. After her training in dance theatre and dance education in Nuremberg and Zurich she worked from 1988 as a dancer in various productions in Germany and abroad, before starting to develop her own choreographic work in 1999. Her performative, interdisciplinary  pieces, which are produced in co-operation with the Tafelhalle Nuremberg, are communally and regionally supported. In 2010 she founded Tanzpartner e.V., an initiative to foster the development of contemporary dance for amateurs of all ages, with her colleague, Beate Höhn. She took up a teaching post at Nuremberg’s University of Musik in 2015 and was awarded Artist of the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg in December 2016. The majority of her works were created in the Tanzzentrale, which supports the regional scene in all its diversity. She believes that the Tanzzentrale is a place for creative, innovative discourse in contemporary dance, its influence stretching far beyond the Metropolitan Region.


Gudrun Lange


Gudrun Lange is a choreographer, dance and movement therapist and project manager. In the summer of 2023, she took over the administration of the Tanzzentrale of the Nuremberg region. She studied modern dance in Rotterdam, danced for two years in NYC and subsequently worked as a dancer, choreographer, dance facilitator freelance from Düsseldorf. During this time she has produced around 20 pieces with collaborating artists and/or young people, published a book, an installation, seven articles, directed a company and installed a workspace. In 2015, she moved to Bamberg for personal reasons and completed her Master's degree. In Bamberg, she works with the association CONdance e.V. to promote contemporary dance locally and runs CON Bamberg, a space for dance, movement and creativity. The management of the Tanzzentrale is close to her heart in order to strengthen the dance scene in the region and to make the strengths of the dance scene visible beyond the region: So that as many people as possible can benefit from the added value that contemporary dance offers us.

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