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Workshop // Conscious Body System

The Conscious Body System teaches movers how to build up strength rather than saving it, and how to use that strength in a safe and healthy way. It is a system which guides movers to be precise and work consciously with their bodies and unique structures.
During the classes, we train the body to magnify basic skills of moving to and from the floor, until we are comfortable with fast weight transitions. This is done through pulling and pushing movements on the floor, at safe and personal speeds. Thinking through movement is an important tool for comprehending the muscular activations in the body. The idea is to create an environment where it is possible to go as fast as possible, or as slow as needed. The Conscious Body System is structured in 2 parts: improvisation system and movement workout combination.


CHAIM GEBBER-OPEN SCENE is a physical theater dance company founded in 2014 under the artistic direction of Chaim Gebber. Unification, culture, and social behaviours comprise the foundation of our work and process. For his Projects CHAIM GEBBER developed a system of improvisation and composition tools the CONSCIOUS BODY SYSTEM  that gives a straightforward and pragmatic entrance to his exploration of body mechanism and perception. Performances and projects like Sharing Spaces, Body Play, Exploring Visuals, For One’s Sake confirm and validate this direction of research in understanding and unifying the Humans as a single “RACE”. CHAIM GEBBER uses in his works choreographic constellations and a deep understanding of movement to question Cultural / Social behaviour in depth physical and emotional states. Out of this principle born Body Play: an ongoing artistic, cultural and social project that so far had connected guests from Morocco, China, South Korea, Brazil, Spain, Lithuania, France, Australia, USA, Italy, Austria, Germany, through performances and residences in Germany and abroad.

CBS Intensive Workshop with Chaim Gebber and Roberta Pupotto
March 2nd and 3rd 2024
10 a.m. to 2 p.m
Fee: for Tanzzentrale members €80 / non-members €100
Info and registration: opensceneberlin@gmail.com
Registration deadline: 17.02.2024

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