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Somatic artist-in-residence Programm (Barbara Bess) – Showing III

Morphing bodies

Rudyard Schmidt and Elise Ludinard will share their work in progress at Alte Schule with an installative performance.

Inviting you in the garden of Alte Schule at the nightfall, they will rediscover different choreographed and improvised sequences in which their bodies are relating to a set of different materials, objects and mediums. Mixed with collected recordings, ropes and a minimalistic steel construction, light and projection items, they did consider different perspectives, sensoring the house, village and landscape around Kirchfembach with microphones and videorecorder to bring them within these ten days to an installative composition.

Wet and dark,
repetitive and transformative,
vibrating and erotic,
functionnal and felt,
inviting and disrupting

About the artists

Based in Brussels, but working mostly abroad, Elise is a graduate of the 4-year program at SEAD (Austria). She works now as a freelancer and choreographer around Europe. Being displaced and moved because of work circumstances, she needs to constantly adjust. In response to that, she prioritizes anchoring and rooting as a practice. She dances and moves to unlock. Investigating what it means to find more availability in a sensorial embodied experience, and with a dual perspective, to make herself available and open in relation to otherness.As a dance training, she spent her last 3 years practicing improvisation and instant composition. Her main interest is in group composition. She is the co-founder and member of the impro based collective "HOEK" in Brussels. She also started currating events and alternative dance festivals in Brussels (2021-2022).

Rudyard is currently studying at the academy of fine arts nuremberg and is a member of the pilotproject "Heizhaus". His works are based on dystopical approaches of our modern society, connecting ordinary materials with sculptural practice to enlighten other perspectives of everyday life. Questioning human references towards places and spaces of belongings. How do we adapt to our environment?For the artist residency at "Alte Schule" he will research on resonating frequencies and visuals in connection with solid materials and fluid bodies.

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