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Creative Residencies 2022 (Showing) // Charlie Prince

"Creative Residencies" ist das artist-in-residence-Programm der Tanzzentrale der Region Nürnberg, in dessen Rahmen sie national und international tanzschaffenden Compagnies und/oder Choreograf*innen die Möglichkeit gibt, unter professionellen Probenbedingungen einen Teil ihrer Projektphase in den Räumlichkeiten der Tanzzentrale abzuhalten. Ziel der Residenz ist eine Vernetzung der regionalen Szene mit den Gästen aus anderen Regionen und die Bereicherung der regionalen Tanzszene.

Vom 07. - 15. Mai 2022 wird Charlie Prince zusammen mit Joss Turnbull zu Gast in der Tanzzentrale sein. Gemeinsam werden sie an Cosmic A* arbeiten. In Rahmen ihrer Residenz findet am Mittwoch, 11. Mai, 10 Uhr ein Workshop statt. Am Sonntag, 15. Mai wird das in der Residenz Erarbeitete in einem Showing präsentiert. Im Anschluss an das Showing wird ein Künstlergespräch stattfinden.

Cosmic A* is a solo work that observes the body as an archaeological space , and engages this body in rituals of excavation - revealing new and unbound mythologies - allowing for a limitless agency of self-representation and rootedness. It is a somatic unfurling - a giving back to and ascending of the body to new territories of itself, of centaurs and hybrids within. 

Charlie Prince is a performer and dance-maker. Born and raised in the mountains of Lebanon (1991), he is now based between Europe and Beirut.
As an artist, Charlie is interested in the place of the body within post-colonial imaginaries as a means to subvert and resist imperial legacies. He works with form as conceiving origin in imagined space, towards the abyss of an imagined future and seeks to subvert cultural nostalgias in order to instil a progressive force, towards being a subject and not object of history. His choreographic work has been presented in several important festivals and theatres - including SPRING Festival (NL), Dansmakers (NL), Rencontres Chorégraphiques internationales Seine St.Denis (FR), Oktoberdans (NO) and Beirut International Platform of Dance (LB).
As a performer, Charlie has worked among others with Ballet BC (CA), Compagnie Alias(CH) , Par B.L.eux (CA), Benoit Lachambre (CA), Montréal Danse (CA), La Biennale di Venezia (dir. Marie Chouinard) and has been collaborating with Omar Rajeh - Maqamat in Beirut as a performer and maker since 2015. He is currently working on a durational solo work with Montréal-based choreographer and somatic practitioner Benoit Lachambre entitled ‘L’ogre, le Phoenix et l’ami fidéle’, which works with questions regarding healing, recognition, and resilience in Lebanese collective memory of the civil war and historical amnesia. This work is a part of Lachambre’s choreographic trilogy ‘All in All’ . He is also working on Migration Parade: Helical Song, a durational movement installation piece for 6 performers which will run at the Penticton Art Gallery in Spring 2022.
Charlie holds a Bachelor of Music from McGill University in Montréal with a minor in Relgious Studies- and continues to engage as a composer for dance and film.
In 2018 he received the prestigious Boghossian Foundation Prize for Dance and Performance awarded by Villa Empain in Brussels and Beirut. He was also an apap 2020 artist supported by European Union Commision for Culture from 2017-2020.

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