Creative Residency Showing: The Whale in the Room

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„Struggling to cope with the fast pace of climate change, two mammals open a dialogue in hopes to save
the world.
There is unequivocal scientific evidence that the problem is real – climate change is not a hoax. And given
the speed at which it is expanding, the metaphorical idiom ‘the elephant in the room’ seems to lose
accuracy when addressing this issue. Perhaps using the biggest animal that ever lived on the planet will
make more sense, becoming then ‘The Whale in the Room’.
In what could be a last song, the two performers enter a colossal mayhem that takes place above as well
as underwater.“

João Cidade, born in Campo Maior, Portugal, in 1990. He graduated from EPAOE/Chapitô – Professional School for Performing Arts and Crafts (Lisbon) in 2010, specialised in contemporary dance and aerial acrobatics. In that same year he did an internship with Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo before he moved to the United Kingdom to further invest in his learning processand to continue working as a freelance performer. Studied at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, the National Centre for Circus Arts and The Actors’ Temple. His versatility has led him into working with various artists such as Miguel Moreira, João Calixto, Ilona Sagar, Meiro Koizumi, Anna Buonomo and Willi Dorner. In early 2015 he moved to Berlin, where he is currently based, and started creating his own work. In 2015 he created Before I Go, a piece about the importance of the others in defining ourselves. In 2016, starting from an autobiographical point of view, he created Eternal Return, an ode to motherhood. While working on Eternal Return he was invited by Zawirowania Dance Theatre (Warsaw) to lead a period of research which led him to the creation of While the Others Go Wild (2017), a piece born from the necessity to turn the focus to the values of collaboration in difficult times replete with uncertainties.

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